Easter Bunny Eggs: Culture & Traditions

Easter Bunny Eggs: How to make Bunny Eggs

Easter Bunny Eggs: Easter celebrations are all about fun and joy. The customs and traditions of Easter vary with time and from country to country. American families usually spend the Saturday evening decorating the Easter eggs. By Sunday morning they are mysteriously hidden all over the house and children get busy searching for the Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny brings treats for them in a basket which they find on waking up from sleep on Easter Sunday. This is an age old tradition which has always fascinated young hearts.

Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Bunny

Parents are usually not able to provide children with a satisfactory answer as to why the Easter Bunny does that. On Easter, children should be encouraged to participate in making the Easter eggs and get the opportunity to explore their own creativity. They can even make Easter Bunny Eggs.

You can get Easter bunny egg ideas from lot many resources, such as books, online resources, craft classes, friends and relatives. You can decorate an Easter egg in the form of a bunny by applying various Easter bunny decorating ideas.

Here’s an example of how to make an Easter bunny egg:

Dye the eggs in solid colors using natural dyes or food colors. Such a dyed egg is best dried with a paper towel. A colored paper can be used to make bunny ears by cutting it in oval shape.

The ears should then be glued to the top of the egg. Plastic eyes can be added to make it look funnier.

Make use of felt tip markers to draw a triangular nose and long whiskers. A little cotton ball can be glued to the egg to make up for the tail. You can even make an Easter bunny egg cover to hide the eggs inside it. Easter bunny eggs can be made of actual eggs or plastic ones. The plastic Easter bunny eggs can be stuffed with goodies for surprising the children. You can even go on to make Easter bunny egg holders and decorate them with ribbons and paint them with markers.

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