Bihu SMS: Bihu Festival Text Messages

Bihu SMS: Bihu Festival Text Messages

Bihu in itself denotes a set of three different festivals which are celebrated during three different times of the year. Bihu, celebrated especially in Assam state of India, is commonly known as a harvesting festival; but that is true about only one Bihu that is Bhogali Bihu. The other two Bihus celebrate different spirits of the festival. The word Bihu is derived from the Assamese word Bishu which literally means “asking for peace and prosperity”. Bihu also refers to the dance that is performed during the celebration of this festival. A number of folk songs are sung and a number of dances are performed to the beats and rhythm of these songs. The most popular Bihu is the Rongali Bihu which is celebrated to mark the beginning of the Assamese New Year; hence, a number of greetings are exchanged with friends and family during this Bihu. As SMS have become the most common medium through which you can wish your loved ones, we are presenting a list of useful messages which you can send to wish Bihu to your friends and family members.

Bihu SMS Messages

  • Atikoi senehor maku
    tatukoi senehor rongali bihuti napati kenekoi thaku
    Happy Rongali Bihu
  • Sing and dance with fun
    wish you a happy
    MAGH Bihu
  • Bihu anondia, Bihu binondia
    Bihur mou mitha mat
    Bihur ba lagi bihua kokair
    Deu dhoni lagise gat…
  • Happy Assamese New Year
    First day of Bohag Bihu – Happy Rongali Bihu
  • Basantar agamne tumar hridayat Anak asar natun batara,dhul pepa gaganar mate kadiyai niyak tumar sakalu dukh bedana RANGALI BIHU eye subakamana
  • kuli ketekir aru peppar matare aguvam ami a natun bosor , rongdhemalire bhora porok amar jivanot .Nasim ami kokal bhangi a Rongali bihut. Pahori najabo ami Asomiya hodai thakim hahi dhemalire.
  • Bihuti ahise, dhul pepa bajise, birikhe holaise paat, bihu bihu lagise gaat – The Bihu has come, drums and pipes are being played, new leaves are budding in the trees, it is feeling like Bihu!
  • Sakaluloike jonaishu Rongali Bihur Subhessa – I greet everyone the best wishes of Rongali Bihu.
  • Kopu phul fulie gasar dalat, Keteki fulile vanot, Natun basar ahile, Bihu Bihu lagile manot
  • Laru, pitha, doi sira lagat alap gur
    Bohag Bihu thakak ananda bharpur
  • B -Bond of LOVE
    I -Icon of Assam
    H -Humanity
    U -Unity
    That is our BIHU, our soul….wish U all a Happy Rongali Bihu.
  • May the color of this world be yours,
    May the life be bright as the Sun
    May the celebration of Rongali Bihu give you
    Happiness you always deserved.
    Happy Rongali Bihu!

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