Worm Infestation (Ayurvedic Name – Krimi Rog)

Worm Infestation (Ayurvedic Name – Krimi Rog) — Worm IinfestationHelmints cause much disease among humans and domestic animals in the tropic and are common cause of imported disease in temperate contouries. Helmints are the largest of human parasites. They contain an efficient reproductive system that generates millions of eggs.

In ayurveda worm infestation is known as krimi rog .in ayurveda krimi are divided in two parts according to their sources:
1.External sources and 2.Internal sources.

There are some more division according to doshas, worm’s location in body, their shape and size we mention below:

“Aantrad, Udarvesht, Haridyad, Mahaguha, Churu, Kusum, Sugandh, Keshad, Rom-Vidhwans, Lomdwip, Udumber, Soras, Maatr, Jantu-matr, Kakeruk, Makeruk, Sosurad, Sashool, Lelihu.”


Nausea, water-brush (salivation), indigestion, vomiting, fever and sneezing. In Ayurveda before starting medicine for worm, first necessary to give “goor” and after sometime khoorasini ajjwain(bishop’s weed) with water ,because after this worm leave their location and its so easy to take them out of body with help of medicine. Without this no treatment is effective for worms .

Home Remedies

  1. Juice of bitter gourd (Karela ) 10 to 20 ml twice a day.
  2. One gram of butea(Palas) seed with honey three times a day for three days. On fourth day a dose of castor oil to evacuate bowels. Butea works effectively on round warm tapeworm.
  3. Juice extracted from bark of margosa (Neem) with honey useful for every kind of worm.
  4. Juice of turmeric (Haldi) with honey useful for treatment in ringworm.
  5. Onion juice 2-table spoon twice a day.
  6. Seed of ash gourd (Petha) with coconut milk is useful to expel tapeworm from intestine.
  7. Decoction of bamboo leaves useful in killing threadworm.

Therapeutical Remedies

  • Kramihar ras
  • Moostadi kwath
  • Trifla ghrit
  • Haridra khand
  • Kramighno ras

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