Bronchitis (Shwas Pranali Shoth)

Acute BronchitisBronchitis (Shwas Pranali Shoth) — Bronchitis is defined as the inflammation of air passages between nose and lungs. Bronchitis divided in acute or chronic. Acute bronchitis is for short duration and is cured within two weeks while chronic bronchitis persists for much longer duration. Bronchitis is categories in ‘Kasa roga’ according to Ayurveda it is known as ‘Shwas Pranali Shoth’.

There are 5 type of bronchitis identified by Ayurveda:

  1. Vitiation of vata or the air body humor causes its movement towards the upper part of the head and neck and produces a cough which sounds like torn bamboo
  2. Caused by vitiation in pitta or fire humor
  3. Caused by vitiation of kapha or phlegm humor
  4. Owing to external factors the distorted air causes an injury in the chest region and the cough is accompanied with blood
  5. Owing to impairment of digestion, an imbalance in all the 3 humors causes the disease or it may be consequences of tuberculosis


Stop SmokingAccording to Ayurveda this disease is cause of this ailment to germs (Krimis), due to imbalances in nutrition, poor digestion, and accumulation of toxins resulting in poor circulation, imbalance in the nervous system, disruption of the biological rhythm and lowered immunity. The primary factor for causing Bronchitis (according to Ayurvedic principles) is digestive impairment. Some other factor responsible for Bronchitis are:

  • Cigarette Smoking
  • Environmental factor (pollution, dust)
  • Wrong dietary habits and high intake of white bread, meat, sugar, porridge etc. especially in winter
  • Infection


  • Initially there is an irritation, dry cough along with chest pain or discomfort
  • Inflammation of the bronchi of the lungs
  • Sore throat, chest congestion
  • Coughing productive with mucoid, viscous and wheezing
  • Discharge of phlegm
  • Breathlessness
  • Weakness
  • Fever

Essential Oils

Cinnamon, Ajwan, Turmeric, Ginger, Cardamom, Clove, Myrrh, Black pepper


Yogasana includes breathing, and relaxation techniques which helps to control mind and emotions, making you more relaxed and allowing you to breathe easier. Patients experiencing acute Bronchitis should not try any yogasanas, patients with mild attack and chronic bronchitis patients should practice yogasana.

“Ekpada Uttansana, Tadasana, Ushtrasana, Sarvangsana, Matsyasana, Shavasana, Pranayaman, Ujjayee Pranayama”

Management by Herbal Cure

  • Take one tsp turmeric powder along with warm water, once or twice a day
  • Grind dried ginger, black pepper & long pepper together in equal quantity use it twice a day with honey
  • Extract juice of vasa leaves take it with honey
  • Roast 1 tsp ajjaiwan with double amount of mishri powder take it with warm water twice a day
  • Local massage of warm paste of hing is also useful
  • Suck on 2 – 4 black pepper corns 2 – 3 times a day and swallow juice slowly
  • The leaves of basil acts as an expectorant and help in removing phlegm. The juice of the leaves of basil is recommended in the treatment of bronchitis
  • Garlic juice is also useful in bronchitis
  • Pound the leaves and extract the juice of henna; take ½ tsp, 2 times a day, mixed in an equal quantity of honey also you can try gargle with decoction of henna leaves

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