Will My Marriage Survive?

Will My Marriage Survive? — Marriages cannot be taken for granted. Even if the marriage has lasted for a long time, say 15, 25 years or more, there is no guarantee it will last forever. One never knows when the sword of time will cut the thread of love and the marriage will be in jeopardy.

Many times it is observed that a happily married couple suddenly starts having huge problems and it seems that the marriage will not survive. The problems are such that a solution to them is not visible. The liking or bonding between the two suddenly vanishes into thin air. The couple starts living separately and divorce seems imminent.

According to Atharva Veda, the planets and their positions are not the only reasons for all the problems but dasha, transit, sadhe Sattiare also the culprits. The malefic effect of these can be reduced by proper astrological intervention and the marriage can be saved.

Astrological help should be sought right at the beginning when symptoms of marital problems arise, and immediate action must be taken. The remedies include mantras, Rudrakshas, gemstones, donations, etc.

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