Why Do We Assume Geminis Cannot Be Monogamous?

Why Do We Assume Geminis Cannot Be Monogamous? — The phrase ‘two-faced’ is often used for Geminis, and it’s not hard to see why – the symbol of this zodiac sign is The Twins. It often leads people to assume that Gemini duality means multiplicity or duplicity, and that it extends to everything, including romantic partners. But is it true that Geminis are by nature compelled to switch partners?

Angelina JolieThere are many examples to suggest otherwise – you can start by taking a look at the Geminis you personally know. Out of all the people you know, some people cheat or like to keep it casual with multiple partners – and since that’s true for people in general, it’s true for some Geminis (Angelina Jolie – Birth Sign: Gemini) as well. But there’s nothing to suggest that Geminis have some special, natural aversion to monogamy. The problem, perhaps, is in the airy detachment that The Twins and other Air signs display towards excessive emotional displays. Your Gemini, Libran or Aquarian partner is unlikely to be very emotional, overly demonstrative or deeply romantic. They’re charming, sure, and sweet and talkative and certainly lots of fun, but they’re unlikely to shed tears because they just love you so much. The Air signs are ruled by the head, and hold intellectual pursuits, goals and motives above irrational, emotional ones.

It is also true that Geminis do like a multiplicity in interests and pursuits. Their busy, very bright minds are easily bored if they keep pouring over the same thing, and they’re constantly looking for new challenges to analyse and discuss. They like people, they like to talk, and people usually fall for their Mercurial charm – which is where trouble arises if they have insecure partners. You have to trust your Mercury man or woman to be true to you if they like you. More than that, you have to be a confident, intelligent individual yourself, if you’d like to hold their attention. They don’t have time for emotional fools or for bolstering your low self-esteem with romantic validation. If you know you’re sharp and you like yourself, there’s no reason your Gemini can’t love you, and only you, for life.

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