Leo Horoscope - सिंह राशि

Leo Ruling Planet: Lucky Stones, Metal, Day And Colors of Leo

Leo Ruling Planet: Sun
Closest Metal: Gold
Lucky Day: Sunday
Lucky Colours: Gold, Orange and Yellow
The fiery spirit of Leos is the result of the domination of their ruling planet, Sun. As per astronomy; Sun is a star, not a planet. However, as far as astrology is concerned, it is deemed to be a planet, that too the ruling planet of Leo sun sign. It is believed to have been named after Apollo, the Roman Sun God. Sun lends an energetic, lively and forceful personality to the individuals born under the Leo zodiac. Their qualities are seldom repressed and their plans are, more often than not, put into concrete action.

Sun-ruled people are inclined towards acquisition of knowledge and artistic achievement. The planet infuses in them a great degree of optimism, which encourages them to accept failures as only temporary setbacks in the road to success. This quality is often visualized by others as symbolical of their exceptionally good luck. Such individuals are full of self-respect, honesty and loyalty. They have excellent communication skills and tend to have a very attractive personality.

The negative traits associated with the people dominated by the ruling planet of Sun include the tendency to overlook small matters and lay emphasis on individual fame, rather than high achievement. This may lead to a demanding, overbearing, egocentric, thoughtless and insensitive personality. They may also become too proud, insensitive, arrogant and imperious. If such traits are displayed for too long, they may totally overshadow the gifts owned by these individuals. Sun governs the self, aim, spirit, will, power, strength and order.

Along with generosity, it imparts qualities like creativity, self-respect and honor. The influence of the ruling planet is mainly on how a person will express himself, how he will conduct himself and what direction will he take to accomplish his goals. The items related to Sun are marigolds, daffodils, lavender, cedar and palm trees, oranges, grapes, lions, peacocks, swans and cats. The metal closely associated with it is gold and the closest stones are carbuncles, rubies and diamonds. For those born under the rule of Sun, lucky day is Sunday and lucky colors are gold, orange and yellow.

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