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Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer Capricorn Compatibility — If the adage ‘opposites attract’ holds true, then the love match between a Cancer and a Capricorn has sure shot chances of success. In most of the areas, the personality traits of both the individuals do not match. Capricorn believes in having a practical approach towards life, while Cancer lets his heart and his emotions rule his life. The latter is extremely compassionate and too much affected by the situations affecting other people’s life. The latter, though considerate, never goes over the board and can maintain a detached outlook.

The Crab may also not be able to understand the ambitious nature of the Goat and think of him as too impersonal and distant in a relationship. In order to make these differences act as balancing each other, both of them need to spend time understanding and appreciating one another. As far as the positive aspects of this match are concerned, both the individuals are consistent and believe in loyalty and faithfulness. With time, they may start appreciating each other’s viewpoints and develop a strong bond. But, they need to communicate a lot.

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

Good for short term flings, this match does not reflect too many signs of long-term compatibility. After a great initial start, the hiccups that dot the road become quite difficult to handle. A Cancer man and a Capricorn woman will always hold great attraction for each other, the tough part is to make that attraction last. She may become frustrated with his habit of retreating into a shell every now and then. Lots of understanding, communication, patience and tolerance are necessary to make this relationship a harmonious and successful one.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man

A Cancerian woman will have to coerce the Goat out of his hiding, so that he expresses his feelings openly. If she fails to do this, she will be living with a guy who loves her a lot, but is never ever able to tell her so. Even his too practical approach towards life will make her feel high and dry. On the other hand, he will not be able to understand her excessive emotions and compassion for others. Still, if both of you manage to respect each other’s opinions, viewpoints and way of life, this match can turn out be a strong one.

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