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Annual Personal Number Predictions 2022: Anupam Kapil

Celebrity astro-numerologist Anupam V Kapil shows what  your Annual Personal Number reveals about your fate in 2022

Annual Personal Number Predictions 2022: To know your annual number, add your birth day+birth month+current year and reduce it to a single digit. So if your birthday is on January 1, then add 1 + 1 + current year (2022), so 1 + 1 + 6 = 8. So your annual number in 2021 is 8.


Never turn to the right or left, never give up. Stand fast in the belief of your soul vision and go straight on. Listen to all the advice you can get and then do just as your soul dictates. The number one means strong individualization, standing firm in your ideals and purposes, daring to think and doing along with your own independent conceptions. Advancement in career is seen in March/April, finances may be good in April to July. For love and affairs, January to March, June and October may be fruitful.


Strengthen your friendships and look for success to come through at-traction, and not through too much effort. Never work alone at any time. The power of number two is in the association. You need to drive to the thought of doing big things with others, not alone. Look for new friends, new opportunities and new privileges. Only when you live, think and work for the good of bigger things, with harmonious relationships with people, situations, and things you will climb up the ladder. Work and business may be slow till April. July to October may be good, losses are seen in
March / April. In love matters, relationships will be cold between January to May, however there may be new affairs between June to September, November.


This is a happy year, free from responsibility and warm with popularity and opportunity. Fellow your desires as far as you can do so constructively. The vibration of this year is of hope and fruition. You can watch the new things appear. It is a year of expectation, rejoicing and satisfaction. Though the first half of 2022 shall be favorable, mid-March to mid-April may see some disturbances. August to October is eventful in a positive way. In love matters, there shall be disturbances between March 15 to April 15 and July / August. In health matters, you need to take care in February / July / November.

ANNUAL NUMBER 4: Annual Personal Number Predictions

Put all your force and genius into whatever you are doing or whatever you want to do. Nothing can es-cape successful growth in power. This is not the year for holidays, delays or waiting. It’s the year to work hard and build your hopes on the rock of success. This is a year of carefully organizing, people, situations and things. There is no doubt that success will be certain with deep inside and fin-er arrangements. March to July is favorable for your career, October to December might be satisfying and finances may be good. In love matters, barring January / February and September, rest of the year is good.

ANNUAL NUMBER 5: Annual Personal Number Predictions

5 is the number of Mercury, the communicator and fancy-free. This is a year of travel, change, new opportunities, new hope, new friends, new love, new endeavors. You will let go of old bandages, old ideas and all old and fix points of attachment and things, situations and people. It would be quite useless to resist or to stick to old points of attachment. This is the vibration of change, and change is the watch-word of progression. You should turn your face to the new and welcome whatever comes. You shall do well professionally between April to July and also get recognition. In love matters, April to June, July / August are good. In health matters, you need to take care of health between mid-Jan to March and December.

ANNUAL NUMBER 6: Annual Personal Number Predictions

This is a year of divine protection. You will be more drawn towards the centre of home, love, children, domesticity and responsibility. Six brings comfort, friendliness, and the joy of living with other people, things and situations that you love. There is no need for a hurry, just be calm. This is not a great year for travelling. There is a net loss and gain, for the oldest cards go hand-in-hand with the new selections. In this year, you can live in the realization of work well done and enjoy the companionship of your true friends and the happiness of the things you have had the power to make your own. It is also not the vibration of new beginnings as much as transportation and finishing off what you have begun. This number has protection, safety and contentment. It is also known as the marriage vibration and in it, we can hope to come face-to-face with our very own reality. March to April is good for your career, finances shall be good between April to July. In love matters, January to March is fruitful, June, July and October are also very good. In health matters, January, April, July, October are difficult months for health.

ANNUAL NUMBER 7: Annual Personal Number Predictions

This can be called the year of fruition. It is the brooding time that comes before a fuller cycle. In this year you should be able to sit quiet-ly. Having done your best with all your might, you can rest in the law of your highest desires and know that you are one with them. This year is the time to be alone. Although things seem to leave you, you know that you will find them again, retreating time is over. And you would be stronger and better There is the year when you must look within. This year you might allow business rest just as it is. This is not the year for changes, but for digging in deeply along the old lines, waiting until the eighth vibration comes along and leads out into name, place and power. The vibration of seven means to stand still, cultivate the interior. Wait and have faith, never give up. Self-control and self-discipline is the key to the year. Your work and business may pick up after mid-April. December will be the best month. For finances, February to July might be very profitable. For love, mid-April onward is good, for marriage April / July / September is the best. In health matters, be careful in April / October / November.

ANNUAL NUMBER 8: Annual Personal Number Predictions

This is the year for renewed action. You must start again. In this year you have to think, act, plan and move with a master hand. Success will come to you only if you compel. It does not wait around through the buns and then it unexpectedly drops into your lap. And even if everything is ready for your good fortune, you can send it past you in a negative and spineless position. The vibration of it means power, publicity, approval and positions of eminence. If you already have a business, jump into it all over again, it will improve along every line. If you have waited for a position you can make a new contract in a tear and win. The vibration of this year is action, pep, grit and staying powerful, which is not found in other vibrations. It calls fora larger vision and stronger courage with more daring. This is an eventful year February / March / April / October might see a rise in career and finances. For love, the second half of the year is better for marriage and love. In health matters, July / August are difficult months.

ANNUAL NUMBER 9: Annual Personal Number Predictions

This is the year of great challenges. You will meet everything that you can accomplish. But it is not an easy year, because it will surely state situations for you that will re-quire strength and wisdom. What-ever is in arrears must be brought to a finish. Things that have been there for a longtime, situations that have been unsatisfactory, people who have blocked your progress – all of these might assume a challenging position and block your progress. This year is also the year of love, friendship and happiness. You may find that everything helps you and your desires may be accomplished if you dare to be strong, if you dare to hold fast to what you know to be true. However, the line carries with it the vibrations of resistance until you learn to meet everything carefully that it brings. Suffer it to be so now, is the slogan of the nine. The nine is the heart of life. January might be good for your career. It is also the time to apply for a new job and to get married. For love, July / September / November is adverse. Low energy levels are possible in March / July / November.

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