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Annual Personal Number Predictions 2021: Anupam Kapil

Celebrity astro-numerologist Anupam V Kapil shows what  your Annual Personal Number reveals about your fate in 2021

Annual Personal Number Predictions 2021: To know your annual number, add your birth day+birth month+current year and reduce it to a single digit. So if your birthday is on January 1, then add 1 + 1 + current year (2021), so 1 + 1 + 5 = 7. So your annual number in 2021 is 7.


Be ready for major changes. Initiate, plan and start the work. The next nine years depend on what you do now. A year of opportunities, new starts, new ideas. Be organised and focused, avoid distractions and procrastination. After you are sure that you are right, take a stand and push forward with determination.

  • Career: A time to apply fora new job, this year requires organisation and clear thinking, not relaxation. Most people start new businesses during this period. Key month is April when you can lay your foundations. Career changes and improvements likely in May, July and September.
  • Romance: Leo / Aries / Sagittarius / Aquarius may enter your life and those born on 1, 4, 9. January / May / July / October may bring these people into your life.


This is a year of co-operation, marriage, moving in with a lover, taking on a business partner. Nothing must be shouldered alone, help is at hand, you just have to ask for it. There is a tendency for agreements or associations to break up unless you are more than patient and considerate, especially during February and March. According to your numbers, May could find you deeply disturbed about what others have said or done. You will he unusually sensitive. Be calm, pleasant and strengthen your friendships. Patience, diplomacy and tact will be important in dealing with others. Some may experience emotional depressions and frustrations.

  • Career: Your success and happiness depend to a great extent on how much tact and diplomacy you use in dealing with others, especially when things are not moving smoothly. Internal, rather than external changes, are more likely. Work area may change or you may be assigned an-other task. March / April / June / August are important for job advances.
  • Romance: Be wise in all relationships / associations this year as you might establish close or even lifelong relationships now. Many people find their soul mates in a 2 year Cancer, Taurus and Librans may come into your life, also those born on numbers adding to 2, 6, 7. Romance is possible in April, June and September.


Expand personal ideas of creativity and enjoy life with optimism but control. Pleasure, travel, active social life, and entertainment keep you busy. A year of meeting interesting people and socializing. The energy of 3 promotes creativity, so make the most of your creative and artistic talents, don’t loose the opportunity. If you just drift along, this can be a wasted year and an unhappy one, those in creative professions will benefit, writers, teachers, journalists will do well. A time for friends and doing the things you enjoy. Avoid extravagance. Do make the most of the wonderful new opportunities, recognition is very likely. In fact, this is a good period to have a side business if you don’t have one.

  • Career: Financially, a very good year, surround yourself with positive people. Number 3 is of expansion and growth. Thursdays / Fridays are best days to ask for raise / promotion. February / March / May / July / November bring better opportunities for advancement in career.
  • Romance: Love will be flirty rather than serious, you will get involved with Sagittarius/Pisces or numbers that add to 3, 6, 9. March / May / August/December are best months to develop relationship.

ANNUAL NUMBER 4: Annual Personal Number Predictions

Work hard, consolidate the details and lay the foundations for future rewards. A year to get organised and be practical. Avoid being lazy.

  • Career: Financially, this is a very fruitful year, sources of income are bound to increase and you shall be self-dependent. You must save, what you have saved now will be useful in the long-term. Consolidate on past gains. Selling and trading activities will be profitable. A good time to invest in property, renovate your home. Be prudent with the finances. Despite many delays and obstacles, limitations, whether psychological, financial or physical, your work will be completed to your advantage. Without hard work and toiling results won’t come on their own. The more effort, the greater the rewards and benefits. Wednesday / Monday will be best to ask for job changes, favors or a raise. January / February / April / October are months to stay alert for job opportunities.
  • Romance: August shows the best influence for a vacation and pleasure. Gemini / Leo / Aquarius and numbers that add to 4, 5, 7 will be drawn to you. Best months for romance are February / April / July / November. Af-fairs may not yield much fruit.

ANNUAL NUMBER 5: Annual Personal Number Predictions

Obstacles are removed, new opportunities bring important changes. An easy year which is much lighter and interesting, rather than the seriousness of last year. Let go of routine and try something different. Those connected with drama, communications, media, music, radio, broadcast networks shall have a very eventful year. A certain restlessness may lead you for make definite changes.

  • Career: A year of dynamic changes, where taking risks brings gains. Feel as free as the air, to go where you please, but go somewhere, as opportunity will be found outside the ordinary routine. Financially and materially, things turn for the better, your name and reputation receive a boost. Capitalize fully on new openings and opportunities coming your way. Wednesday / Fridays are best days for asking for raise, and March / May / September / October are good for career advancements.
  • Romance: Your sex appeal increases considerably now. Welcome new situations, places and people. Don’t scatter yourself or get burnt out. Taurus / Gemini / Virgo / Libra and those whose numbers add to 5 and 6 will be attracted to you.

ANNUAL NUMBER 6: Annual Personal Number Predictions

Domestic duties, love, marriage and service to community are to be at-tended. A strong desire to get settled may be in your mind, both in business and domestic affairs, and the end of the year should bring considerable satisfaction in this respect. Domestic tensions disappear on their own. Plan time for your loved ones and for maintenance of your possessions. Help, from influential friends brings considerable gains. Travels may be few, and if any, they will be connected with family re-union/social functions.

  • Career: Accumulation of money comes easily. Promotions, financial rewards and improvement in career is seen. Business continues to be profitable. A good period for those is the art, music, film and entertainment industry hotel and hospitality and traditional medicine sectors. Friday / Thursday /  Monday are important for asking a raise / promotion / career advancement or interviews. February, April, August, September and November are favorable months.
  • Romance: A good year to get married. Love and romance too hap-pen suddenly Taurus, Cancer, Li-bra and those born under dates that add to number 6, 3 and 2 play an important role. February May September and November are important. The year’s second half will bring in a sense of fulfillment

ANNUAL NUMBER 7: Annual Personal Number Predictions

Sit alone, concentrate on past, present and future, plan further activities, analyse and meditate. Do not try too hard, or force issues, for this is a transition period. Definitely, not a social year, its a year of mental housekeeping, tendency to spend time in isolation, or maybe for spiritual advancement. You will sense the need for inner development. Unusual events will inspire you to seek a deeper meaning in life. There are possibilities of old problems recurring. Avoid repression, though you may feel very lonely and detached.

  • Career: Not a period for business expansion. A good financial year if you do not rush after money Impulsive actions will bring loss. Study and perfect whatever you are deeply interested in. For asking job favors / promotions / interviews, best days are Friday/Monday. January February July August, October and December are favorable for changes in job / advancement.
  • Romance: Not the best year for romance, as 7 inclines more, to spirituality. New affairs in this year usually don’t last long. Those whose numbers add to 2, 4, 7 and Cancer/Pisces may come into your life Watch out for developments in January / April / October.

ANNUAL NUMBER 8: Annual Personal Number Predictions

Avoid sentiment and emotion and be business-like in your undertakings. This is the year for business, for all material matters. Through effort and activity you can achieve great things. Take the lead, be determined, go for what you want. This can be a year when you can accomplish big things. Don’t let little things stand in your way Though the prospects for the future are good, thirds not the year when you should expand your undertakings. You will develop new relations and contacts with those in power and position. The 8 vibration year is one of  power, growth and money.

  • Career: A year to reap the fruits of the past year. Big opportunities for businessmen. You may buy a new property. There’ll be completion of many matters. If you sell something, it will fetch a good price; if you buy, you will get a good deal. You vision and intuition will help you in being more efficient and focused. Overall, this will be a satisfying year. For asking job favors / promotions / interviews, best days are Saturday / Thursday / Friday. February, June, July, September and November are favorable for changes in job / advancement.
  • Romance: You might get attached to someone very rich/influential, especially to someone you already know from long. Those whose numbers add up to 8, 6, 3 and Capricorn / Libra come into your life. March / July / September / December are months where you can develop romance.

ANNUAL NUMBER 9: Annual Personal Number Predictions

Watch and act for the completion of the experience, let some people and things go without regrets and be prepared for some important changes. During the winter and spring, affairs should improve and bring you an opportunity to do what you feel is necessary, but during the summer, you may feel alone, held back, and unable to keep things moving forward in a steady manner. This is the culmination of the nine-year cycle. A period of settlement, all things related with external affairs will come to a halt. A year to look back over the past years and let go of things that have outgrown their use. It may be difficult and painful, but you will have to take firm decisions. Losses are likely, both in friendship and business, unless you try to live impersonally. Your attitude this year will be impulsive, reckless and ambitious.Guard against extremes and becoming involved in quarrels. Be tolerant, compassionate and forgiving, for then you will find this to be one of the most wonderful years of your life; a reward of love, sympathy, understanding, and fulfillment of your plans can result and bring financial assistance as well as loving appreciation.

  • Career: Excellent time to enhance your marketing skills, sharing with co-workers or consolidating your business. Job losses are possible. For asking job favors / promotions / interviews, best days are Tuesday and Thursday. January, May June, October are favorable for changes in job / advancement.
  • Romance: Love affairs and dramatic experiences are possible. Its a year which shall be full of love, friendship and happiness as long as you don’t try to make it too personal. Aries / Leo / Scorpio come into your life and those whose numbers add up to 9, 3, 1. February June, August, November shall be more eventful in romantic matters.

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