Tin Can Rattle

Tin Can RattleTin Can Rattle – This useful and certainly very noisy rattle can be made from an old fruit tin, a piece of wood and something round to create the noise.

It is very simple form of rattle but can be most effective in use.This is how it is made. Get a round tin and thoroughly clean this and cut off the top ridge with strong scissors or wire cutters, leaving a smooth edge all round. Cut a piece of wood of the same diameter as the inside of the tin and about ½ in. in depth.

Find another piece of round wood similar to the diagram for the handle and attach this to the round wood by screwing firmly into place. Fit the tin on the round wood by screwing firmly into place. Fit the tin on to the round wood but, before securing, put a handful of beads, ball bearings, tiny buttons or beans; anything that will make a rattling noise.

Now fasten the tin on to the wood as shown, and make fast with those brightly shining upholsterers’ nails all round the edge. Paint the tin and the handle with brilliant enamel bands of colour and your rattle is now all ready for its noisy use.

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