Trick Caricature Face

Trick Caricature FaceTrick Caricature Face – How would you like to make hundreds of caricatures of a face without possessing any artistic ability of any kind? Few have this gift or talent for caricaturing but with the help of the little trick chain face, you will be able to form the oddest and most extraordinary expressions on an entirely self-made head. You need no bent for drawing.

This is how it is done. Get an ordinary white postcard and copy the part of the head exactly as drawn for you. If you feel that the drawing is beyond you, trace this tracing paper and pencil and you can easily make a good copy of the drawing. The next step is to ink this in, with Indian ink preferably, for it will look as if it printed.

Now see if you can get hold of a piece of fine chain, similar to the illustration and about the same length. This should be black but if you are not able to get a length of this colour, paint it black with enamel, using a very fine brush. Alternatively you can dip the chain in the paint and hang it up to dry and this will serve the same purpose.

Pierce two holes with a pin at points A and B and thread the ends of the chain just through the hole. Attach the ends with a piece of fuse wire on the bank of the card and gum this securely with paper tape, so that the ends of the chain will not come out from their anchorages.

Now hold the card face upwards and gently jerk this in a horizontal position and the black chain will fall into the most realistic and lifelike attitudes. Every time you jerk the card, so you will see a different caricature of the features. You will be able to have so much fun with card and it will amuse your friends for many hours.

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