Sarika Agarwal Textile Patterns

Sarika Agarwal Textile Patterns

Sarika Agarwal Textile Patterns

How to Transfer Embroideries

Transferring an embroidery pattern can seem complicated, but it’s actually super easy. 😀

We’ll show you my two favorite methods for transferring embroidery patterns to fabric!

One method involves pinning your pattern to the fabric and one involves stretching your fabric in the hoop and then tracing the pattern.

It should be noted that I don’t like to embroider on dark fabric typically, and these methods aren’t great on dark fabric. If you are working with dark fabric, you can try sketching your design with tailor’s chalk or a light colored pencil. You can also apply a fabric stabilizer and draw your design out on that, but I find stabilizers really hard to stitch through – beware sore fingers if you use this method!

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