Quaint Figures

Quaint FiguresQuaint Figures – You will see from illustrations that there are a great number of curious figures that can be easily made from humble vegetables, nuts and fruit, etc. It requires very little ingenuity to make other odd characters and you will only require a little patience to make quite a number of original personalities.

There is the old gentleman made from a peanut. The actual nut will form the body and the legs and arms are added with shapes cut from matchsticks. These limbs are pointed at the end and can be pushed into the body as shown.

The face is painted on the body, using lacquer or enamel paints, put on with a fine brush. Then there is the pine cone dancer. The diagram referring to this quaint figure shows you just how to make the personage, with the additional help of the ever handy match sticks.

You will see, from the illustrations, that the faces and characteristics of each figure have been painted on with a brush and a few hours spent in preparing these will give you a collection of figures that will make a most interesting set of ornaments.

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