PrintingPrinting – Now comes the most interesting process, the actual printing. This is done by wiping the paint across the screen, using the squeegee with firm storkes. Now lay the stencil on the wet paint and it will stick to this. The next step is to lay a piece of paper on your drawing board and to lower the screen.

Squeegee more paint on to the screen and lift it – and there is your first print! Put another piece of paper in place on your drawing board and repeat the process and another print will result.

You will be able to print as many as 50 copies before the stencil is worn out. You will find it better to use the squeegee at an angle of 45 degrees and not upright.

After you have finished printing, scrape off the paint with a piece of cardboard used as a scraper. Peel off the stencil and scrap. To clean the screen, soak a rag with petrol and gently rub the screen until quite clean. Go over the screen and frame and remove every trace of the paint.

You will find it best to work on a flat pile of old newspapers but be careful to throw away the rubbish – it is highly inflammable! The squeegee can be cleaned with petrol.

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