Cowboy Costume

Cowboy CostumeCowboy Costume – This has always been a popular “get up” for the boy at a fancy dress ball and this is how you can make it. Use a scout’s hat for the stetson, with a coloured handkerchief tied round the brim.

The shirt should be multi-coloured, with breast pockets and an open neck, covered with a gray red scarf tied as in the diagram. Use a leather belt with the gun holster.

Make the trousers from two old pieces of leather and riveting these at the sides, similar to the gun holster. Make the trousers from two old pieces of sheepskin rug, strapped to the front of your long trousers.

High heeled shooting boots can be imitated by adding wood to your normal shoes and using spurs. If you cannot run to sheepskin trousers, use the leather fringed ones that you have made for the Indian costume, this is quite suitable for the cowboy.

Cowboy always seem to be very brown and windswept, so you can touch your face up with greese paint to give the realistic effect. Some of these types favour earrings of the large round kind-it does add to the appearance.

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