A Leather Gun Holster

A Leather Gun HolsterA Leather Gun Holster – How would you like to make a gun holster, similar to the illustration, for your little brother? This is all made from leather and is a very good imitation of the real thing and will also make a splendid finish for a fancy dress. Naturally the holster must fit the gun, so trace an outline of the gun and allow one and a half times the thickness of the gun to be added to the width. You will notice from the diagram that the shape is the same each side, except for the piece that forms the belt loop. Also allow ½ in. for riveting and an additional I in. or a little more for the fringing. You will notice that there is an extension for the belt loop when folded and fastened.

Make the holster from any coloured leather and use a pliable quality that will be fairly simple to work. Cut out the leather on a flat table, basing the measurements on the gun as shown in the dotted lines of the diagram. When you have cut out the shape with your scissors, punch a series of holes for the left hand side of the holster and also where shown for the belt loop. Put rivets through the holes for the belt loop and fasten over as shown. The holes on the left hand side of the holster are to take rivets and are fastened over as shown in the diagram leaving the fringed edge cut as shown, with a sharp knife or scissors.

The small diagram shows how a long length of leather can be cut from a 4 in. square section. This thong is for attaching the holster to the thigh, as illustrated, the end being secured at the bottom of the holster. If possible, use brass headed rivets, for these will give a most realistic appearance to the holster.

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