Cigar Box Rattle

Cigar Box RattleCigar Box Rattle – A glance at the diagram will show that this is a simple yet most effective double-handled rattle to make and it can produce a great volume of sound. Get a wooden cigar-box and put in the usual handful of buttons or beans of your choice, to make the noise, and gum down the lid of the box permanently. Whilst you have the box without the handles, it is a good idea to cover this with decorative paper, similar to the brightly coloured designs that are solid for gift wrappings. This paper can be pasted direct on to the cigar-box and left to dry. Give the box a coat of varnish and it will have a quite a professional appearance. Now find an old broomstick and cut two pieces exactly the same width as the cigar-box and give these a good rubbing with sandpaper to make them both quite smooth.

Then cut two lengths of plywood to hold the box and handles in position as shown in the diagram. The length should be sufficient to take the cigar-box, the handles and a space for your fingers to hold the rattle. Round off the ends of the plywood as shown and fasten on to the cigar-box and handles, with the ever useful upholsterers brass headed nails. Paint the handles and framework and also the cigar-box, with brightly coloured enamel paints and when quite dry, give the whole rattle a coat of varnish to bring to a glistening finish.

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