Catapult – It is every boy’s ambition to posses a sling and to practice with this until he has reached such a state of prowess that he is able to hit any given target with his missile. You can, of course, buy most elaborate catapults at stores but these are very expensive, it is so much better to make your own for practically nothing. The method is quite simple and you can make a beautiful sling that will last you for years and it will only cost you a little trouble and patience.

Search in your garden and find a branch of hard wood, shaped similar to the drawing. This need not be more than 9 in, in overall length, but it must have the shaped prongs at the top. Drill a hole in each of the arms of sufficient diameter to thread a twisted piece of rubber through. Usually a ¼ in. will do. Now get a piece of old motor inner tube and cut this into a strip about I5 in. long and not more than ¾ in. wide. This can be cut with strong scissors, with the two ends that are to thread through the holes tapered. Now you will need a piece of soft leather about 5 in. long and 1½ in. wide, for the missile grip. Make two cuts in the leather to form slots to thread the rubber through. These cuts can easily be made with a sharp penknife or razor blade. It now remains for you to thread the two ends of the rubber through the prongs and to make a very safe knot to hold it into place, as pictured in the diagram, and your catapult is complete. To give it a sporting appearance, paint the wooden part with bright enamel colours and finish with a coat of varnish.

You will now have a very practical and quite artistic catapult and you will be all ready for the sport- and good hunting.

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