Bottle Lamp

Bottle LampBottle LampPractically all kinds of bottles can be utilized for making the base for a table lamp. Most shapes and sizes are suitable and they really do make the most effective bases for artistic lamps.

The illustration shows a typical bottle base, having a cap. To turn this bottle into a lamp, drill two ½ in. holes in the bottle cap, one directly in the centre to take the socket assembly, the other to take the wiring.

The socket is secured to the cap by means of a short 1/8 in. continuous thread nipple as illustrated. One end of this thread is screwed into the bottom of the socket and the other is passed through the bottle cap.

Screw a hexagon nut up the thread on the inside of the cap and tighten this, holding the socket firmly in position.

Carefully file the edge of the wire hole so that it is quite smooth and will not chafe the wire. You could put a little rubber grommet in the hole to save rough edge.

The cap of the bottle is now firmly fixed to the neck and your lamp will be all ready for use. As an added decoration, fill the bottle with coloured water, not quite to the top.

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