Blue Fairy – Face Painting

Blue Fairy – Face Painting – With this design you can enter the magical world of fairyland – where all your wishes can come true!

You need: blue, white, red and black paint; black and blue pencils; star transfer; glitter; brush; sponge.
Painting Kit
Blue Fairy Foregead1 – Using the stencil from the box, draw stars on your face: – 3 or 4 stars on your forehead – quite small;
Blue Fairy Cheeks2 – Then draw slightly larger stars on your cheeks and finally a small star on your chin. Paint the rest of your face in blue.
Blue Fairy Face3 – To give your face texture, use different shades of blue. On your forehead apply a deeper blue by dabbing color on with a sponge (careful of the stars!).
Blue Fairy Nose4 – On your nose and the rest of your face apply blue mixed with the white.
Blue Fairy Eyes5 – Make pink by mixing the white and red paint, and apply this around your eyes. You can underline your eyes in white to give a dreamy effect, or in black for a mysterious appearance. Draw long black lashes under your eyes.
Blue Fairy Lips6 – With the brush, fill in the stars with the white paint. Finish your makeup with glitter around the stars. Now they look like shooting stars! Add a little touch of pink to your lips and some glitter.
Blue Fairy Magicwand7 – Cover a stick with aluminium foil and place a star made out of foil at the top to make a magic wand.
Blue Fairy

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