Bath Shower and Spray

Bath Shower and SprayBath Shower and SprayBoys are usually very handy round the house so here is a fine tip to help the easy working of the bathroom. Let us make a shower spray attached to the ordinary tap of the bath, which can be used for both hot and cold water. The diagram is almost self explanatory but a few words on the making of this useful asset to the bathroom will not be amiss.

The sprays are made by using small metal funnels with a piece of thin tin, drilled with a number of small holes, forced into the mouth of the funnel and soldered into position. Run a length of garden hose from the spray direct to the bath tap and attach this by forcing the hose over the mouth of the tap and the tapered end of the funnel. The spray will function immediately the tap is turned on and the hose can be attached to a hook in the bathroom ceiling, so that it hangs down to create a shower. Alternatively, the spray can be held in the hand and the spray of water directed just where you wish.

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