After Face Painting

Tidy UpAfter Face Painting – Now Tidy Up!

Your face painting is finished, but before you can admire yourself you must tidy up.

Like all artists, you must take care of your tools. It is important to rinse brushes and sponges, and to clean color blocks when you’ve been mixing them. Put all your make-up and paints back in their box, so they are ready when you want to create your next style.

Remove Make-Up

  • Removing Make-UpThe party’s over, everyone’s loved your designs, and now you must remove all the colors.

  • To clean your face, simply wash with soap and water: these paints are specially made for the skin – they are not toxic and will come off easily. If some traces remain, use a special make-up remover.

One Last Point…

  • DollThese face paints have been made especially for you and your friends.

  • If you don’t get a perfect result the first time, please try again.

  • You will succeed – it’s just a matter of practice.

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