A Cherry Wood Pipe

A Cherry Wood PipeA Cherry Wood Pipe – Since the pastime of smoking was first brought to this country by Sir Walter Raeigh, cherry wood pipes have been in much use for enjoying the pleasure of tobacco. Nowadays they are very expensive to buy and if you are considering giving your father or uncle a present, why not make him one of these useful pipes? All you need in the way of materials can be found in an orchard and the making of the pipe means only a few hours spent on a pleasurable task. Find a nice old cherry tree and cut off a small piece of the branch about ½ in. or less in diameter, as straight as possible and about 6 in. in length. Carefully drill this through the centre with as wide a hole as possible, about ¼ in. at the widest part, making the hole narrower at one end. To complete the stem, for this is the purpose of the branch, whittle the end a little, leaving a ridge all round to form the mouthpiece.

Now we have the stem nearly formed try your hand at fashioning the bowl of the pipe. For this you will need a piece of thick cherry wood, at least I ½ in. from the bottom and make this hole at least ¾ in. in diameter. The next step is to drill a hole in the side, on a slight slope, as illustrated, ¼ in. in diameter to take the end of the stem. This hole should meet the inside bore of the bowl so that the smoke can be drawn through evenly. Shave the end of the stem until it fits snugly into the bowl and you will have a really nice cherry wood pipe to give away as a present. Should you wish, you can varnish the outside, but, of course, do not paint the inside. The bowl and stem can be sandpapered to give a smooth finish, but this is entirely a matter of personal taste.

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