A Canadian Log Hut

Canadian Log HutA Canadian Log Hut – The diagram shows quite an attractive little log hut that is a model of the type of shack that houses lumbermen in the frozen north of Canada. This hut can be built of match sticks, cut to shape and gummed into position on crossbars of matches, using old postcards cut to the shape shown in the picture.

The measurements should be to suit the length of matchsticks, the hut being approximately 1.5 inch across and about 1.25 inch wide. First of all, cut out the shape of the hut from the card and gum the edges as shown by the dotted lines, using sticky paper to fasten.

Now build up the hut from the bottom, using matches cut to size and gum each into place. The roof slightly overhangs the walls and should be gummed into place last of all. The window is penciled in as shown and the door made with matches gummed to the card and hinged with sticky paper.

When complete and securely built, place the hut on a piece of green painted cardboard and you will have a most realistic model of a faraway residence. It would be a good idea to varnish the hut to give a professional finish to your model.

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