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World Heart Day - 29th September

World Heart Day – 29th September

World Heart Day is a campaign established to spread awareness about the health of heart among common people all through the world. This initiative was founded in the year 2000 to inform people to take care of their heart. A huge percentage of common public in the society is suffering from the heart diseases like stroke, heart attack, heart failure, etc. Heart problems are the leading causes of death in the world.

World Heart Day is celebrated all over the world on 29th of September.

It is celebrated annually all over the world on 29th of September. A particular theme is decided for the each year celebration in order to focus on the main subject and make it effective. Theme is prepared by keeping in mind the key issues of heart health. According to the World Heart Federation, at least 80% of the premature deaths (because of cardiovascular diseases) can be protected by controlling four main risk factors such as unhealthy diet, tobacco use, lack of physical activity and use of alcohol.

The heart related problems and deaths can be solved by the active involvement of the common public through the campaign of world heath day. Various governmental and private organizations including NGOs all around world are working to spread the awareness of CVD (cardio vascular disease – the world’s number one killer).

World Heart Day History

World Heart Day was celebrated every year on the last Sunday of September month from the year it was established till 2010. It is an effective event established in 2000 and organized every year by the World Heart Federation since 2000. From the year 2011, it was started celebrating annually on 29th of September (means no longer on last Sunday of the month). World Heart Federation and its members actively involves in the celebration in order to spread the news about premature deaths from heart diseases and its risk factors (tobacco intake, lack of physical exercise, unhealthy diet and alcohol intake) to the common public. There are many collaborators of the World Heart Federation in this campaign including several major international non-profits (Indian Heart Association). Through this campaign, several effective preventative measures are promoted in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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