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Am I In Love? – Valentine’s Day Special

Wondering whether or not you’ve found true love? For some relationships it can be hard to tell, especially if you’ve never been in love before. Ask yourself the following questions so you’ll know.

Am I In Love Clue #1 – Physical Responses

Am I in Love!
Am I in Love!

One of the ways to know its love is by the physical responses you have to your partner when in their presence or thinking about them. Do you shiver? Get goosebumps? Blush? Sweat? Feel tingly all over? Cry when saying goodbye? Get stomach flip flops or butterflies? Feel like there is a lump in your throat? Can’t stop smiling? Feel warm and fuzzy? All of these physical responses are indicators that you may have found true love, but only when paired up with the other clues in this list.

Am I In Love Clue #2 – Non-Obsessive Worry

You’ll know when it’s love by the way you worry about your parnter. Did they make it to work okay? Are they late because they were in an accident? Will they enjoy the dinner you painstakingly made for them? Of course, we all worry about our loved ones, but when you’re in love with someone the worry takes on a different quality. At no point is it obsessive or negative however; rather, you are truly concerned for their well-being when in love.

Am I In Love Clue #3 – Wanting the World To Know

A common trait amongst couples who are in love is that they feel compelled to tell the world that they love one another. Whether it is wanting to yell at the top of your lungs from the rooftops, “I love you,” or taking the celebratory nature of love towards a more traditional route (marriage), true love is characterized by wanting everyone to know just how happy you are together.

Am I In Love Clue #4 – Constant Reminders

You know you’re in love when almost everything you experience reminds you of your partner. From the kind of coffee they drink to the smell of their cologne/perfume, from the way they say, “Hi!” to the silly way they tie their shoelaces, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, it all comes back to your partner.

Am I In Love Clue #5 – Positive Thoughts

Being in love with someone means that you (mostly) see them through rose-colored glasses. In What is True Love, positive thoughts about your partner are a crucial element to continued love for your partner. In some circles this phenomena might be called “doing no wrong”, but with healthy optimism and realism.

Am I In Love Clue #6 – Reciprocated Feelings

If your partner tells you that their feelings mirror yours in a romantic, deep, loving fashion, then your love is likely blooming, or ready to move to the next level.

Am I In Love Clue #7 – Feeling Good

There’s flying high on a cloud with loving feelings, and then there’s feeling good about yourself. If your partner makes you feel like a million dollars when you’re together, or that you can conquer anything because they have unswerving faith in you, then there’s a good chance you’re in love.

Am I In Love Clue #8 – No Pressure

In many a romantic relationship, there is some pressure to move things to the next level. In this case however we’re talking about feeling pressured by your partner to do something you’re not willing or ready to do – such as prioritizing them before your work or having sex. You may want to do these things, but when you’re truly in love they are your choice alone and do not occur because of being pressured by your partner.

Am I In Love Clue #9 – Healthy Jealousy

It’s normal to feel a tinge of jealous towards your partner if an old fling comes back into their life, or if an attractive person starts flirting with them. The difference between damaging and healthy jealousy? When healthy, the feeling is fleeting at best, and you trust your partner implicitly not to hurt or betray you.

If You’re Still Wondering “Am I In Love?

Determining if you’re in love can be tricky. What you feel is ‘falling in love’, may merely be a strong attraction for someone else. Some people take a long time to fall in love, while others can fall in love and break up in the blink of an eye.

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