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A Parents Heart: Inspirational Parents Day Poem

Inspirational Parents Day English Poem: A Parent's Heart

Parents play a very important role in every child’s life. We seldom get opportunities to thank our parents in public. But there may be events and occasions or any kind of celebration when you really want to show your gratitude towards your parents. If you ever wondered how to thank parents through speech; these thank you speeches for parents would …

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माँ तो माँ होती है: मातृ दिवस पर कविता

माँ तो माँ होती है - ओम प्रकाश बजाज

मातृ दिवस माता को सम्मान देने के लिए मनाया जाता है। एक मां का आँचल अपनी संतान के लिए कभी छोटा नहीं पड़ता। माँ का प्रेम अपनी संतान के लिए इतना गहरा और अटूट होता है कि माँ अपने बच्चे की खुशी के लिए सारी दुनिया से लड़ लेती है। एक मां का हमारे जीवन में बहुत बड़ा महत्व है, …

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परशुराम की प्रतीक्षा: रामधारी सिंह दिनकर की कविता

परशुराम की प्रतीक्षा - रामधारी सिंह दिनकर

A just society does not occur spontaneously. It has to be nurtured and protected with valor. Here is a poem so characteristic of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. Compare with his other works like “Shakti Aur Kshma“, “Vijayi Ki Sadrish Jiyo Re” and Rashmirathi in this collection. Before the contemporary poem evolved as an expression of self, there were poets like Dinkar …

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साल आया है नया: हुल्लड़ मुरादाबादी की हास्य कविता

साल आया है नया - हुल्लड़ मुरादाबादी

Hullad Moradabadi (29 May 1942 – 12 July 2014) was an Indian poet, humorist and satirist of Hindi language. He had authored several Hindi books including Itni uchi mat chodo, kya karegi chandni, Ye ander ki bat hai, Triveni and Hullad ka Hullad. He was a poet of Hindi Kavi sammelan. Born in Gujranwala, now in Pakistan as Susheel Kumar …

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अम्बर की एक पाक सुराही: अमृता प्रीतम

Amrita Pritam

Here is a nice poem of Amrita Pritam based upon which a lovely song was composed for film Kadambari (1975) that was sung by Asha Bhonsle. The song differs significantly from the actual poem below. This had to be done to bring the lines into meter. The last stanza we hear in the song is not there in the poem …

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स्नेह निर्झर बह गया है: सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी ‘निराला’

स्नेह निर्झर बह गया है: सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी ‘निराला’

Love is the essence. As retreating water leaves the sand dry, so does lost love leave a person drained and lifeless. Here is a beautiful expression by Suryakant Tripathi Nirala. स्नेह निर्झर बह गया है: सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी ‘निराला’ स्नेह निर्झर बह गया है, रेत सा तन रह गया है। आम की यह डाल जो सूखी दिखी‚ कह रही है – अब …

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मानवता और धर्मयुद्ध (रश्मिरथी): रामधारी सिंह दिनकर

मानवता और धर्मयुद्ध (रश्मिरथी) - रामधारी सिंह दिनकर

Here is a gem taken from the all-time classic “Rashmirathi”. Dinkar Ji abhors the animal instincts that linger just under the surface of humanity. He abhors the glorification of war by the society. No right thinking human being would want the death and destruction that invariably occurs in a war, but still at times war gets all out support from societies. …

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अपने ही मन से कुछ बोलें: अटल की आत्म चिंतन कविता

अपने ही मन से कुछ बोलें - अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी

Atal Jis poems have special significance. He was leader of a country of one billion people; a seasoned politician who would have seen all that is to be seen on this earth. It is admirable that he retained the sensitivity of heart as a poet too, a member of the rare breed of philosopher kings. I was specially moved by …

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दो अनुभूतियाँ: अटल जी की मानव मनोदशा पर कविताएँ

दो अनुभूतियाँ: अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी

In most human endeavors, there are ups and downs. But in the field of politics, downswings can be brutal and up-swings full of elation and optimism. Two poems of Atal Ji reflect beautifully on this roller coaster. First one appears to have been written in a phase of disillusionment and dejection when the poet’s heart says, “I won’t sing any …

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