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Weekly Tarot Predictions

Weekly Tarot Predictions by Poonam Sethi

Weekly Tarot Predictions by Poonam Sethi: 13 – 19 April, 2018

Poonam Sethi is a renowned tarot and space healer (the art of identifying negative energies and suggesting alternative remedies to cure them), practicing different forms of divination for the past 18 years. Her treatments include healing through colour therapy, mantra and yantra healing to get rid of evil influences affecting a person’s life. She has successfully helped people change their lives and has a large clientele from all walks of life.

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ARIES (21 Mar–20 Apr)

You need to divert your attention from the work rut! Take two days off. You have already done the needful. Money will be a little slow in coming. You may be asked to attend to a problem related to a family member.

CANCER (21 Jun–22 Jul)

Why are your ambitions dying? This is the time your past efforts and contacts will pay off. Your confidence will be revived by renewed love. Time to have some fun! Financially, a good period begins.

LIBRA (23 Sept–23 Oct)

Emotional outbursts will show up through skin disorders. Get treatment. You seem to panic in situations related to finances. Just leave things the way they are. Delay in legal matters could frustrate you.

CAPRICORN (22 Dec–20 Jan)

Stop being stubborn, it’s not helping. You will venture into a new arena… related to the creative arts. Time to start building a pipeline for a new project. Liquidity in finances will give you a boost.

TAURUS (21 Apr–20 May)

There will be a delay in your travel plans. You could move from job to business soon. Your help would be sought after in a legal matter. Differences between friends will be sorted. A new love affair is on the cards.

LEO (23 Jul–23 Aug)

A relationship seems to be breaking, but withdrawing for the time being could mend it. Money might be a problem for a few days and you may look at getting it from other avenues. Stick to your current line of work.

SCORPIO (24 Oct–22 Nov)

Shift your focus to the political arena. Cards of power positions are seen. Lost money will be recovered. Ignore rumours as they will negatively impact you. Children will surprise you pleasantly.

AQUARIUS (21 Jan–18 Feb)

Spend this week in planning your life. Certain changes are needed. You may feel distant from relationships but don’t worry, it is temporary. Don’t fret over your finances as nothing much will change for now.

GEMINI (21 May–20 Jun)

You will travel far out in search of work. Your boss is changing which would prove good for you. Influence would be needed for admitting your child into school as nothing seems to be moving on that front.

VIRGO (24 Aug–22 Sept)

Your mood swings could cause outbursts. Control it as you could hurt yourself. Your stars change and you could be surprised with the gains. You will get fame on social media which will boost your self-confidence.

SAGITTARIUS (23 Nov–21 Dec)

Things will be fairly quiet this week. Slow down! Realisation may bring in insecurity but eventually you will be in control. Do not get into starting a legal war as you will only waste time.

PISCES (19 Feb–20 Mar)

A change of thought is needed. You are caught in your own web! An important decision will be taken regarding your work. Don’t get lured into easy money. Someone will be a catalyst in changing your perspective.

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  1. Hi, this weeks tarot reading has not been done??

  2. Hi Poonam, Can you share 2016 forecast ?

  3. i want to know who has spolied my 6 years please tell me

  4. The considering is that once you mix the that means of the cards
    along with your private interpretation of the symbols, you’ll more readily arrive on the appropriate answer
    to your dilemma.

  5. Why do I get this pain in love!

  6. When will Scorpions fate be change. It’s been no good news since long specially in the matters of heart.

    • Good Afternoon Poonam Ji, I am facing a problem since 10 years, that is I never complete my plans & tasks/work. I always feel demotivated in middle of the task. Please tell me why is this happening from long time. My D.O.B. is 24 Nov. 1987.


  7. Hi Poonam,

    I am a reader of your weekly predictions and most of them have come true for me as a Cancerian. Please let me know why is it not published from last 2 weeks. I am so upset.

  8. Mam! Plz don’t skip the weekly predictions as we wait for it to happen. Plz don’t make it every alternate week but keep it same as every week.

  9. Poonam ji, your predictions published in TOI are based on Sun or Moon? Because many times your predictions are suited for both signs. Please advise.

  10. Poonam Ji Namaste
    You have not updated tarot card prediction for this week?
    Kindly update here, I am a regular reader.

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    Happy New Year! Our new year is not good but as didn’t see you’re weekly forecast even on last Friday as well.No weekly no yearly predictions which we wait eagerly. We wait for your post why have you started skipping weekly tarot broadcast. Does this mean you have stopped thinking about your followers.

  15. Mataji, I am Cancerian and having lots of problems with my wife who complains to her parents with lies from past two. She left me alone over here in London and went off to India. Please suggest why this is happening. She is a Gemini.

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    • Hello Shivi,

      We are not receiving updates from the Astrologer on regular basis. Sorry – but when it comes to us – we publish.



  20. We eagerly look forward to Friday every week to read your column in The Times of India. But for the last three weeks we have been disappointed. Please do not miss your Friday column.