Poonam Sethi

Renowned Tarot card reader & holistic healer, Poonam Sethi, welcomes you to gain insight into the world of astrology, predictions and holistic healing... Starting off her career as an interior designer, Poonam Sethi discovered Feng Shui and Vaastu, the careful study of which led her to practice as a space healer. Her career path opened up to a plethora of healing practices which she successfully mastered. She left her designer's job way back in the early nineties "to help and heal others in distress".

Weekly Tarot Predictions by Poonam Sethi

साप्ताहिक टैरो राशिफल - Weekly Tarot Predictions

Weekly Tarot Predictions by Poonam Sethi: 14 – 20 February, 2020 Poonam Sethi is a renowned tarot and space healer (the art of identifying negative energies and suggesting alternative remedies to cure them), practising different forms of divination for the past 18 years. Her treatments includes healing through color therapy, mantra and yantra healing to get rid of evil influences …

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