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First Thanksgiving: Children’s Thanksgiving story

First Thanksgiving: After landing in Plymouth*, the Pilgrims had to struggle to survive through their first wretched and miserable winter in Massachusetts. When spring and summer came it was a welcome relief. They learned so many things that first year. They had planted and cared for their first fields of corn. They had found wild strawberries in the meadows, raspberries …

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Remotely Thanksgiving: Humorous Short Story

Remotely Thanksgiving

Remotely Thanksgiving: Humorous Short Story – “Jessie are you sure you don’t know where the TV remote is, Bob asked her for the hundredth time, it was sitting here on the coffee table this afternoon.” Bob’s eldest daughter Jessie was quietly watching her favorite TV program. She looked up, scrunched up her face, shrugged her shoulders and turned back to …

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होली स्पेशल बाल कहानी: राजा की होली केक के संग

होली स्पेशल: राजा की होली केक के संग

मिट्टी की सोंधी महक के साथ ही ताजे केक की सुगंध हवेली के चारों ओर फ़ैल चुकी थी। पुरानी सी हलके पीले रंग की हवेली, जो अब तक गुमनाम पड़ी हुई थी आजकल “केक वाली हवेली” के नाम से जानी जाती थी। “केक वाली हवेली” का नाम गाँव वालों का ही दिया हुआ था क्योंकि उस हवेली को दूर से …

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