Mystery story of the Missing Pumpkin Pie: Who ate the Pumpkin Pie

Mystery story of the Missing Pumpkin Pie: Who ate the Pumpkin Pie

After the incident with JO JO with thought we has done something when another unlikely suspect popped up. Moms cat showed up leaving orange paw marks everywhere. We were extremely excited at this sight it meant that the cat was the culprit she was leaving clues every where she walked. We decided the best way to solve this was to follow her prints back to where she came from and we just knew we would find what was left of moms pie. To our dismay we hit another dead end. Pies just don’t disappear nor do they get up and walk away who or what could have taken it. We sat down and discussed the information we had gather to see if we were any closer than we were before we all agreed that we weren’t and decided to have a piece of cake to re-energize our strength and get back on the case. In our effort to track the cats wear about we didn’t even notice the graham cracker crumbs in mom’s bedroom that I just happen to see on our way out the back door. I made a little note to question our mother and see where she was when the pie vanished. It was getting close to five and we were exhausted we had eliminated most of our suspect other than JO JO and the cat. Could they have been working together you never know in this kind of situation. I still hadn’t had a chance to interrogate mom and see what she knew about the crumbs in her room. We sat down for the evening meal and were telling dad what we had found so far about the missing pie he didn’t say any thing just gave mom a weird kinda grin and smiled at us with a keep up the good work as he left the table. I made a mental not about the grin he gave mom and reminded Sharon we need to question mom about her involvement. After dinner we cleared the table and Becky began to help mom do dishes. While she was doing the dishes she began asking mom about the crumbs we found in her room and the paw prints coming out from under her bed. She admitted that she had taken a piece to test it but then she zipped up tighter than a zip lock bag. We new something was up when she stopped talking when Jody’s mom came in. Around 7:30 we decided to call it a night and start fresh in the morning. Mom tucked us all into bed and was out the door in a blink of an eye. I laid in bed mulling over every thing we had found that day and everything kept coming back to the grown ups and I knew that’s where I needed to start in the morning so I drifted off to sleep. The next morning I got up to find my sisters already up and working on the case. The first thing I noticed was there were five or six saucers in the sink with crumbs on it no not just crumbs graham cracker crumbs. That had conformed what I had thought about the night before as I was going to sleep. I knew who had taken the pie and I was going to confront them all. As I walked into the living room where mom, dad, and about three other adults were siting and I said “I know who ate the pumpkin pie”. Mom looked up at me with this look of complete shock.

My siblings looked at me as if to say how and when did you figure it out and I smiled and began showing the evidence that we had and how I came to my conclusion. The grown ups were the guilty party. They all came in when mom took the pie out of the oven and taste tested it when they realized they had eaten almost all of it. Mom took the pie into her room and snacked on it that night. That’s how the cat got it on her paws and how the dog ended up trying to bury the pie plate. The adult all started laughing and dad said you caught us. After I had finished all my family got together and hugged and said good bye. The mystery of the disappearing pie had been solved and it was so much fun. My sisters were so proud of me for putting the final touches on the case and bringing the guilty party to justice. Our parents were so proud of us for not giving up on the case. My dad said that we all showed extreme potential and gave us all a dollar for solving the case. After the thanksgiving fiasco my mom doesn’t try to hide things from us kids any more. She found out that she raised for very strong willed adventurous children that dint give up. We decided that we had so much fun solving the thanksgiving mystery that we started a small business. We called our business if you’ve lost it we can find it. We have been working for about four months and having a blast we hope to be able to this when we grow up. Mom calls us her hardy kids. Something about some books she read when she was in school. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not I just know that when she see’s us working on a case she smile’s and says she’s proud of us.

April Winters

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