A Misunderstanding Between Friends

Inspirational Story On Misunderstanding Between Friends

Nikhil felt that Amit was pretending to sympathise with him.

In this manner, both the friends were getting distanced from each other.

Motu and his friends were very happy at the success of their plan.

Sad“I lost ₹500 but I have fulfilled my ambition. Both the friends can’t see eye to eye.

Amit and Nikhil had now stopped talking to each other. They avoided talking even when they happened to run into each other.

“Nikhil, today is the last date for paying the fees. Why haven’t you paid it yet?” The Principal asked Nikhil one day.

Nikhil narrated the entire incident to the Principal.

“You could have borrowed money from Amit. He would have given it to you gladly. Didn’t you help him once?” asked the Principal.

Nikhil began to cry. He told the Principal how Amit had refused to give him the money. But he had still paid ₹ 500 for trekking.

“What are you saying?” exclaimed the Principal.

“Today itself, I met Amit. He said that he would not be able to go for trekking because he had no money. And here you are saying…”

“Then who paid for him, sir? I have myself seen his name in the list…”

NervousThe Principal looked into the matter. He came to know that it was Gotu who had paid ₹500 on the Amit’s behalf. Amit was unaware of all this.

“Bring Amit, Gotu and Motu here,” the Principal ordered peon.

When all the 3 boys had come, the Principal asked Gotu what the matter was. Gotu became nervous on seeing the Principal. He told him everything.

Motu also confessed that he had done so to break off Amit’s and Nikhil’s friendship.

“Forgive me, friend, I misunderstood you,” Nikhil apologized to Amit.

“I am also sorry for my behaviour, friend,” said Amit.

Saying this, he hugged Nikhil affectionately.

∼ Inderjit Kaushik

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