A Clever Trick – J. C. Mehta

Tiger Bear and ElephantSheru, the tiger roared into Runu bear’s ear, “Ghurr…aa…aa…” Little Runu bear sprang up with a shock.” “Oh! Keep quiet, Sheru,” Runu bear scolded. Sheru was a good friend but Runu did not like such roaring. But Sheru loved to roar. “Ghuraar…” he would roar at the top of his voice. Sheru’s loud roaring troubled everyone. When Sheru roared, monkeys would lose their balance, fall from the trees and get hurt. Baby squirrels would drop their nuts and begin to cry. Even the little elephants would get frightened and cling to their mothers.

But Sheru did not stop roaring. His roar became louder and louder every day. All the animals were upset. They tried to tell Sheru to behave but Sheru enjoyed roaring. Finally they got angry and stopped playing with Sheru. Runu bear felt sorry because Sheru was his friend. How should he teach him a lesson, worried Runu. One day Sheru and Runu were playing with a ball. Sheru kicked the ball and Runu kicked it back. Both were enjoying the game.

The monkeys watched from the branches, the squirrels ran down from their holes to see the game. Little elephants swung their tails and trunks as the ball moved from left to right. As Runu kicked the ball, Sheru got ready to kick it back. With all his might he kicked and roared happily , “Ghuraa…” The ball hit a tree, bounced back and landed straight into Sheru’s open mouth. “Ghurr…aap!” Sheru stopped roaring. The ball was stuck in his mouth, choking him. “Thu..un…un…” Sheru winced.

Runu ran towards him. The monkeys, squirrels and little elephants also hurried to help Sheru. Quickly Runu bear pulled out the ball. Sheru felt much better. “It was awful. I will never frighten you again, “Sheru said. “Good!” said Runu. He was happy Sheu had learnt his lesson.

∼ J. C. Mehta

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