Swollen Ankles And Feet

Woman Swollen AnklesSwelling of the ankles and feet is normal up to a certain limit unless it is accompanied by high blood pressure and excessive weight gain. The average weight gain in pregnancy is about 10 to 12 kilograms.

Part of the natural weight gain during pregnancy is due to water retention in the body. The water content, which varies from individual to individual, tends to collect in the feet and ankles during the day, or under the skin on the lower back when you are lying down.

The presence of salt in the body allows it to hold the extra fluid within the tissues. And the swelling usually disappears at night. Severe swelling may cause considerable discomfort while wearing shoes. But if you have a complication like pre-eclampsia, contact your doctor.

What to do

  • Put your feet up on a stool or a chair during the day.
  • Take a low salt diet.
  • Watch your weight gain by eating sensibly.
  • Don’t sit or stand for a long time. If you are working long hours, keep a footstool under your table to support your feet.
  • If the swelling remains severe and is associated with other pregnancy complications, you will need treatment.

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