Pregnant Woman ExhaustionIf you are expecting a child, you are bound to feel exhausted much sooner than you did earlier. This is a natural phenomenon, do not fight it. Weakness, lethargy and tiredness are normal symptoms in early pregnancy and are nature’s way of slowing down the pregnant woman to help in preserving the foetus.

In other words, what you need is rest. A couple of hours in the afternoon and an extra hour or two in the night will be useful.

The symptom is usually severe in the first trimester and it is important for your spouse and family members to understand your problem. If you are unable to rest, you will become irritable and bad tempered. Women, who already have children tend to get very exhausted since they have to look after the older children as well.

If you are working and cannot rest in the afternoon, you should try to get at least 10 hours of rest at night. Extra rest does not mean sleep, you need to lie down in order to ensure better blood flow to the foetus, thereby improving the supply of oxygen too.

You will feel much more energetic after completing your third month. And you will start enjoying your pregnancy as your former appetite returns. But, these symptoms of exhaustion will return in the last trimester when you would have gained a lot of weight.

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