Development Profile By Age

For the sake of convenience and easy reference, the major areas of development in a child have been grouped according to age.

One Month Profile

  • Turns towards the source of light, tries to fix his gaze on the mother or any object nearby like a toy, and briefly follows a light source.
  • A sudden sound may cause stiffening, blinking, stretching, and crying. Stops whimpering on hearing a soothing voice.
  • Cries in hunger or discomfort and gurgles if contented.
  • Spends most of his time sleeping but begins to smile socially and makes responsive sounds by six weeks.
  • Ceases crying when picked up and talked to.

Three Month Profile

  • Begins to respond better.
  • While on his back, brings his hands above his chest and seems to study them. Kicks and waves his arms and if put on his stomach, raises head and shoulders.
  • If he is on your lap, he can support his head and look around.
  • Can briefly hold a toy; tries to focus on small objects nearby.
  • Is distressed by sudden noise, but is quietened by a soothing voice.
  • Vocalises happily when pleased and is excited by the sound of a running tap, footsteps or approaching voice; laughs aloud.
  • Bath and feeds evoke coos, smiles, and excited gestures. Enjoys being bathed and gurgles happily when picked up or tickled.

Six Month Profile

  • Begins to sit unsupported with his back straight and rolls over; bounces when held standing.
  • Grasp has improved and this encourages continual handling of objects, putting everything in his mouth, and transferring objects from one hand to the other.
  • Makes sing-song noises and two-syllabled sounds like ‘a-a’, ‘na-na’.
  • Squeals and chuckles, and screams if annoyed.
  • Delighted if you play with him.
  • Cuts his first teeth, usually the lower central incisors.

Nine Month Profile

  • Can pull himself up and stand by holding on to furniture. Has learnt to crawl.
  • Holds small objects like buttons, coins, etc., between thumb and finger. Can grasp a cup in both hands; can hold, bite, and chew any food.
  • Can comprehend ‘no-no’, ‘bye-bye’.
  • Makes noises constantly and repetitively like ‘ma-ma’, and ‘da-da’.
  • Plays peek-a-boo.

One Year Profile

  • Begins to stand and walk unaided. Can crawl very fast and can crawl up and down the stairs.
  • Can hold more than one object in his hands.
  • Deliberately drops and throws toys, watching them fall.
  • Can use a cup unaided.
  • Holds, but cannot use, a spoon.
  • Recognises people. Understands simple commands.
  • Turns when called by name.
  • Uses a lot of jargon. Can speak a few words.
  • Offers arm or leg for dressing. Enjoys sound-making toys; enjoys playing pat-a-cake. Waves bye-bye.

One and Half Year Profile

  • Runs about, goes upstairs if you hold his hand.
  • Explores corners; enjoys pulling and pushing boxes and toys; enjoys looking at picture books.
  • Becomes adept at picking up small objects such as beads; tries to scribble holding the pencil in the palm of his hand.
  • Carries food to mouth with a spoon, drinks easily from a cup.
  • Says 15 to 20 words; tries to recite nursery rhymes.
  • Has bowel control; fidgets and makes agitated sounds when urgently in need of going to the toilet.
  • Imitates actions like sweeping the floor, dusting, and reading.

Two Year Profile

  • Loves to run, chase, and be pursued.
  • Takes things apart, puts them together again; more adept at using his hands — can hold a pencil between two fingers and the thumb; tries to draw.
  • Has a fairly large vocabulary.
  • Has control over bowel and bladder.
  • Uses his own name to refer to himself; participates in songs and nursery rhymes.
  • Obeys simple commands; puts on shoes.
  • Washes hands.
  • Fiercely possessive about toys; behaves in a jealous manner when parents show interest in another child.
  • Has all 20 primary teeth.

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