Don’t Ignore Your Child’s Questions

Ignore Questions“Papa, why did you tell a lie to uncle?”, “Mummy, why can’t we live with Dada and Dadi?”, “Why can’t I have a party for my birthday at the Pizza Joint?”, “Where is Papa going?” – the thousand and one questions from the mouths of growing children can drive any parent to distraction. Often we ignore the questions because we don’t have the time for explanations or we feel that the child is too young to understand or simply because the answer may be awkward.

  • Curiosity is an important part of development. By snubbing children when they ask a question or by ignoring them, we can inhibit their mental development and suppress their interest in the world around them.

  • Parents are the child’s role models. His behavior, reactions, attitude and his feelings about people, all have their root in the parents. For the child, the world is exactly what the parents tell him it is. Which is why it is very important that you explain to him why you are doing what you are doing.

  • When you ignore your child’s questions, in a sense you are ignoring him. You are making him feel that he is not important enough to matter, that his feelings and reactions don’t really count. This can seriously damage his self-esteem.

  • Children don’t always ask questions because of idle curiosity. There may be something in the situation that may genuinely puzzle or confuse him. He may worried about  some aspect of your behavior and may want to ease his concern by asking you for explanations.

  • It is best that you take the time to answer your child. If you cannot do it immediately then tell him so and make sure that you clear his doubts later.

  • You need not analyze the entire situation in detail with him, but talking his age and understanding into account, do tell him what you can in as straight and simple a language that you can.

Children are very sensitive to atmosphere and emotional undercurrents. What they sense but cannot fully understand can really worry them and cause insecurity. It is vital that you treat your child’s feelings with respect and give him the time and the patience to answer his questions.

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