How does the Earth keep warm?

How does the Earth keep warm?

How does the Earth keep warm? This is a question that you have answered for yourself every time that you have been sunbathing. Almost all of the Earth’s heat, and this means its energy, must come from the Sun.

In addition to this the interior of the Earth has retained much of the heat which was generated as the formation of the Earth. This internal heat came from energy released as the Earth contracted as well as from heat given off by the decay of certain types of radioactive materials. No plants would grow without the Sun, and therefore, no animals and no man. Without the Sun, our planet would be a frozen, barren waste.

Earth’s heat balance: How does the Earth keep warm?

Earth’s heat balance is and extremely important factor in what makes the Earth livable. The fact that the Earth can respond to slight changes in the amount of incoming radiation to maintain a fairly stable temperature is a result of Earth’s energy budget. This phenomenon is also closely connected to flows on the Earth, and the Solar energy to the Earth. Essentially all of the energy the Earth receives is in radiant energy that originates from the Sun. The temperature of the Earth is a balancing act, with greenhouse gases in the atmosphere contributing to a planet that is inhabitable. This balance of temperature is maintained through several different mechanisms.

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