How and where to donate human organs?

How and where to donate human organs?

Following are the top NGO’s and organizations of the country involved in organ donation:

Online organ registry

There is a facility of online organ registry for the people all over India who are willing to donate organs on their own will. Organ registry ensures the proper organ donation as well as the fair use of donated organs in the future according to the priority of need and requirements of the organs to the recipients. Indian Society of Organ Transplantation was initiated the Transplant Registry in India in 2005, Cadaver Transplant Programme was initiated by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 2009 and then by the Department of Health, Government of Kerala in 2012 and Department of Medical, Health and Family Welfare, Government of Rajasthan in 2014. There is another plan for the national organ registry by the Government of India.

Organ donor card

Organ donor card provides access to donate organs after death. This facility is provided by the MOHAN Foundation to spread awareness all over the country and get organ pledges. In the last few years, the foundation has distributed million of such cards in English and other regional Indian languages. An organ donation drive of March 2012 (DAAN, partnered with HCL Technologies, Chennai Police, Apollo Group of Hospitals, Indian Medical Association, Cadaver Transplant Programme) had received more than 12,900 pledges from doctors, policemen, and corporate employees. However, this campaign run by the Times of India in 2013 (partnered with NGO’s like Shatayu, Gift a Life, Gift Your organ, and MOHAN Foundation) had received more than 50,000 pledges for organs.

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