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Games & Sports Questions & Answers

Games and Sports Questions & Answers
Games & Sports Questions & Answers: Sports and games are very important for us. They keep us healthy and fit. Sports and games help in character building. Sports and games are means of mental and physical growth. During sports we come to learn many things. We learn how to maintain mental balance in the midst of hopes and despair. Listed are some of the commonly asked questions & answers…
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Games & Sports Questions & Answers

  1. England coaches Sammy Lee and Ray Clemence played together at which club?
  2. How are card structures built?
  3. How are jersey numbers allotted to cricket players?
  4. How did positions on the cricket field get their names?
  5. How did the term yorker originate?
  6. How do ODI teams choose their colours?
  7. How does a cricketer get inducted into the ICC Hall of fame?
  8. How is a cricketer’s batting average calculated?
  9. How many number of medals were awarded at the Manchester Games in 2002?
  10. The Japanese are proud of their traditional culture. What is their national sport?
  11. What are rules followed in IPLT20 Matches, Players auction and Franchise?
  12. What are the commonwealth games?
  13. What do the red and blue corners signify in boxing?
  14. What is a banana kick?
  15. What is a carrom ball in cricket?
  16. What is a soft dismissal in cricket?
  17. What is an Ouija board? How does it work?
  18. What is Greco-Roman wrestling?
  19. What is Orange Cap award in IPL?
  20. What is Purple Cap award in IPL?
  21. What is the agricultural shot in cricket?
  22. What is the Boxing Day match and what is its origin?
  23. What is the Calcutta Cup?
  24. What is the Camel Race Track?
  25. What is the Emperor Pair?
  26. What is the history of sport snowboarding?
  27. What is the history of the Grand Prix ?
  28. What is the law of yellow cards regarding carrying over, and when does a yellow card get wiped out from a players name in the world cup tournament?
  29. What is the origin of judo?
  30. What is UDRS in cricket?
  31. What sport is race for America’s cup, and how did the trophy get its name?
  32. When did commentary make its debut in cricket?
  33. When was the first Twenty20 match played?
  34. When was the kite invented?
  35. Which batsman has hit most sixes and fours in cricket world cup?
  36. Which Indian spin bowler was known for bowling maiden overs?
  37. Which team won the IPL 2008?
  38. Which team won the IPL 2010?
  39. Which was the first cricket match broadcast on the radio?
  40. Who invented the helmet, and what is it made of?
  41. Who invented the kite and when?
  42. Who invented Twenty20?
  43. Who is a soul surfer?
  44. Who is Wahab Riaz?
  45. Who launched Indian Premier League?
  46. Who made 1st century in IPL season 4?
  47. Who made the highest score of the touranament in 1975 Cricket World Cup?
  48. Who own the Television rights for IPL T20 Matches?
  49. Who scored 1st century in Test cricket for India?
  50. Who scored most 50s in ICC Cricket World Cup?
  51. Who was man of the series in IPL 2008?
  52. Who was the 1st ODI captain for India?
  53. Who is best bowler in Cricket World Cup history?
  54. Who was the first captain of Indian Test team?
  55. Who was the last player to captain England before David Beckham?
  56. Why is a zero score by a batsman called a duck?
  57. Why is cricket called a gentleman’s game?
  58. Why is karate a Japanese martial art in spite of its Indian origin?

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