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System of government: Monarchy
Capital: Amman
Location: In south-western Asia, Jordan shares borders with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria
Area: 97,940 sq km
National composition: Mostly Arabs; Circassian, Armenian and Kurdish minorities
Religion: Islam
Official language: Arabic
Currency: Dinar = 1,000 fils
Administrative divisions: 8 districts, including the capital
Other major cities: Zarqa, Irbid
Highest elevation: Jebel Ram (1,754 m)
Chief river: Jordan, empties into the Dead Sea at 393 m below sea level
Climate: Hot and arid

Jordan is a largely desert country with some steppeland. Its wild-life includes the hyena, jackal, wolf, and various lizards and rodents. Jordan is a developing country with an agrarian economy. Although it has various mineral resources, including copper, manganese, oil, phosphates, potassium salt and uranium, the mining industry remains largely undeveloped.

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