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System of government: Monarchy
Capital: Thimphu. In winter, the royal court moves to Punakha, which has a milder climate than Thimphu
Location: Bhutan lies in the eastern Himalayas. It is sandwiched between India to the south and China to north
Area: 47,000 sq km
National composition: The Bhutias, who live in the eastern part of the country, migrated to Bhutan from India India; the Drukpas in western Bhutan are of Tibetan origin. Other minority groups live in the south
Religion: Buddhism
Official language: Dzongkha
Currency: Ngultrum = 100 chetrum
Climate: Subtropical, monsoon type in the south; mountain climates in the north

Bhutan is an extremely poor agrarian country. Farmers raise sheep and horses and grow buck wheat, rice and vegetables in river valleys. Forests in the Himalayan foothills yield rare woods. A road links Bhutan to India.

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