Sawback Turtle

Sawback TurtleSawback Turtle — Graptemys is a genus of turtles known commonly as map turtles or sometimes sawback turtles. They are aquatic, freshwater basking turtles that are found throughout the eastern half United States and into southern Canada. They superficially resemble many other species of aquatic turtle, including sliders (genus Trachemys) and cooters (genus Pseudemys), but are distinguished by a keel that runs the length of the center of their carapace, and that they don’t typically grow as large. The name map turtle is given to them because of the map-like markings on their carapace.

Through out the pet trade Mississippi, False, and Ouachita Map turtles were bred and hatched out by the thousands back in the 1970s. Some other various turtles were available but as the 4-Inch Law was established Map Turtles and others slowly decreased in popularity. Today the same common three listed before still hold the title for most common among the pet trade. Some other species that are being captive-bred more often include; the Texas Map Turtle, Cagle’s Map Turtle, and the Black-Knobbed Sawback/Map Turtle. Some harder-to-find species include the Yellow-Blotched Map turtle and Delta Map turtle.

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