Childrens Jokes

Children’s Jokes

Children’s Joke 61

There were two friends called see and saw. one day see saw sea and saw didnot see sea.
See saw see and jumped in sea. Saw didnot see sea but jumped in sea.
See saw saw in sea and saw saw see in sea. Both of them saw sea and both saw and see were happy to see sea.

Children’s Joke 62

Santa at an Art Gallery: I suppose this horrible looking thing is what you call Modern art?
Art dealer: I beg your pardon sir, that’s a mirror!

Children’s Joke 63

Santa wins 20 cr from a Rs. 20 lottery ticket.
The Dealer gives him 11 cr after deducting taxes.
Angry Santa: “Give me 20 cr or else return my 20 Rs back.!”

Children’s Joke 64

Photographer Santa was focusing on the dead body’s face in a funeral function.
Suddenly all the relatives started beating him – why?

Children’s Joke 65

Do you know what A B C D E F G?
“A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl”.

Now reverse da order, can you guess the full form of: G F E D C B A?
“Girls Forgets Everything Done & Catches (new) Boy Again”.

Children’s Joke 66

An in-depth study has shown that the bird flu virus hits the best chicks first.

I thought I’d warn you immediately…

Children’s Joke 67

Consequences of American life style:
The wife rushed into house screaming to her husband,
Darling, Come quick! Your kids and my kids are beating our kids.

Children’s Joke 68

What did the Zero say to the Eight?
Nice Belt

Children’s Joke 69

Banta: Oye, tu to Doctor ke paas jaane waala tha, kya hua?
Santa: Yaar kal jaaonga, aaj thodi tabiyat kharab hai.

Children’s Joke 70

Banta: Name the three fastest means of communication.
Santa: Telephone, Television, Tell-a-woman

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