Vocalist Jai Thirath Mevandi - Indian classical ragas can work as alternate medicine

Vocalist Jai Thirath Mevandi – Indian classical ragas can work as alternate medicine

Hindustani classical vocalist Jai Thirath Mevandi belongs to the land that has given gems like Pt Sawai Gandharva and Pt Bhimsen Joshi. Following his mother who hummed devotional songs while doing household chores, Jai Thirath took a liking to music right from his childhood. He started learning classical music under Pt Arjunsa Nakod at the age of 14. Inspired by doyens of Hubli-Dharwad belt, and further trained and honed by Pt Shripati Paadegar, Jai Thirath is today considered the most prominent person of Kirana Gharana.

In Chandigarh, on Friday, on the invite of Triveni Sangeet Sabha, Jai Thirath opened up on his journey. “Classical music is where my heart and soul lie,” says the singer who has done remarkable work in Kannada film industry too. “There too my base is classical,” clears the artiste who feels that with changing times one needs to tune into changing mood of the listener. Says this artiste who is happy to come and perform in Chandigarh for it gives him feel of being in the UK or the US.

Making a living as a classical vocalist is no mean feat, and Jai Thirath considers himself lucky to be doing that; what bothers him is that the pop eclipses classical today. “I pity that we who are sitting on the wealth of classical heritage have exchanged it for loud beats, failing to understand that these beats also increase heart beats.” In our ragas lies the remedy for many ailments physical and mental, and Jai Thirath is all for us to at least start listening to some music.

Happily he plays guide to the beginners, recommending raag lalat, raag todi and bhairav for mornings; for evening puriya dhanashree, jog, yaman; and for those reaching home midnight, Jai offers to tune in darbari kanada. “It’s scientifically proven that ragas can help us alleviate stress, isn’t that the need of the hour,” asks Jai Thirath who listens to all the classical masters including Ustad Amir Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Pt Bhimsen Joshi.

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