Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann - Soulfully yours

Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann – Soulfully yours

To describe him in a few lines or sentences is always an unlikely possibility, so most of the times his description settles with the word ‘sufi’! Gurdas Maan whose on-stage energy gives any new Punjabi singer’s stamina a run for money, can still hold a live audience captive for hours. He talks measured, taking small peaceful unheard breaths, as he shares something new and something upcoming….

If not a folk singer: Honestly, I have never been able to think about it since music is life and my ibaadat.

Test of time, mantra any: Like any other person, I also keep myself updated with things happening around, but my basics remain the same like what to do and what not to, what’s bad and what’s good. I just weave those thoughts in my songs.

Directly proportional to god: He has bought a lot of changes in me, I take a step ahead and he takes me a thousand steps forward to my goal.

Awards to me: Awards inspire people and it will be my honour always to be a part of them.

The live magic: They are a source of energy for me, I find my ‘sai’ in these people who come to listen to me and this makes me enjoy even more on stage.

Movies & more: There are no plans for a movie, I would most likely be launching a new album in the month of April.

Jiyo dil se: I want to appreciate this initiative, Jiyo Dil Se, by 94.3 My FM, it is encouraging when anyone, like these people, who come forward to motivate artists.

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