Bollywood singer Richa Sharma – ‘I must be singing in my mother’s womb’

Bollywood singer Richa Sharma has not had success served on a platter. She has struggled for it and is proud of having made a mark in the world of music

In absolute absence of restrictions lies the beauty of independent music. Bollywood playback singer Richa Sharma is absolutely in love with the platform where nothing needs be planned and yet everything is in control! This was also an attempt to prove, “that one can make a song on which you can dance without bringing in vulgar lyrics,” she shares on one of the reasons that prompted her debut single track Rangli. A step towards independent music, that took shape over time. “You know with me even free time involves music. Whenever there would be shows or recordings to take care of, my percussionist and I would work on some compositions.” She adds, “They turned out to be quite something; recording made way for shooting and we didn’t know when it became a hit.”

Having made a playback stronghold with hits like Mahi Ve from Kaante, Jag Soona Soona Laage from Om Shanti Om, Rasiya from Mangal Pandey, among others, it is now time to give back to music. “Singles is a trend nowadays and moreover, the idea is how to promote independent music.”

Harder route

Sheer disdain for anything easily won, perhaps qualifies for struggle as her middle name! She laughs, “Call it the case of reverse psychology or whatever but I never find anything served on the platter. When they first came about with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the only reality show of the time, I was offered a direct entry into the top ten but I refused.” That’s not where it ends. “I’ve always had this filmy fantasy about the clichéd struggle, waiting in the offices and when they eventually did give me a chance they would be stunned to hear me sing.”

Note worthy

While the love for music is deeply embedded, so is the patience for listening. “You will be surprised; I don’t have a play-list. I pick up one song at a time and listen to it continuously for one or two months or endless number of times. It all depends,” she cites this instance of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s qawwali. Having said that, “I believe in singing rather than listening. I think I must be singing in my mother’s womb even though absolutely nobody in my family, even extended family, sings or had any connection with film world.” She adds, “Growing up in a Brahmin household, I would always sing bhajans, so everyone supported me to go all out and fulfill my dreams.”

Up next

Coming up is a song in a sequel to Ganga Jal for which the music has been given by Salim Sulaiman. “I feel quite happy to be sharing that for the song 50 artists recorded at the same time, like it would happen in the old days. It was quite an experience.” Then Rangli is just a beginning. “On similar lines, I should be out with another song in two to three months time.” Lined up also is a project for August 15, “for which all the renowned singers have got together. Then there are going to be a few live, unplugged versions available online.” With a lot in the pipeline, “It’s going to be a busy and a lovely monsoon. Watch out for what I have to offer this month.” Sure!

~ Manpriya Singh

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