Valentine's Day Greetings

Valentine’s Day Greetings for Students, Teens

Valentine’s Day Greetings for Students, Teens

People in India celebrate the Valentine’s Day very enthusiastically and with great passion. It is very energetic event which is must to be celebrated by everyone even after their busy schedule. It is a fun filled celebration full of cultural and traditional activities and mixed of western culture. At this day, all couples already book their hotels or restaurants to go for big and long celebration. They also go to the malls for shopping, multiplexes, cinema halls to enjoy movies, nearby famous places, long drive, tour and so many. Young couples propose at this day to each other by offering gifts, red roses, jewelry and cards. Other single young search for their partner at this day to propose and be a nice couple forever.

They wear some fine and selected clothes to attract their partner and looking handsome. At least a week earlier of the day, post offices become very busy to deliver the courier of flower, gift packages, romantic letters, greeting cards and so many things. It is not public or private holiday, it is the working day for all so, all the schools, colleges, offices, government and private organizations and institutions remains opened this day. However, most of them enjoy taking leave from the offices or other working places. There are rush at the roads, hotels, restaurants and malls, these places become full of crowd.

Greeting cards and gift packets are symbolized with the symbols of love such as red roses, angels, arrows, love birds, red hearts and etc. These symbols play a great role in bringing the couples together, increasing and strengthening their bond of love and friendship. Red color is everyone’s favorite color and deeply associated with the symbol of love and romance.

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