Valentine's Day Greetings

Valentine’s Day Greetings for Students, Teens

Valentine’s Day Greetings for Students, Teens

The way of celebrating the Valentine’s Day has been changed a lot in the modern time. The earlier Valentine’s Day celebration was associated to the European folk traditions means with the Saint Valentine which has become marginalized through the traditions of modern Anglo-American and associated with the romantic love, Day of love, in present time.

The customs of giving greeting cards, rose flowers, chocolates, gifts pack and other costly things has become the recent trends of celebrating Valentine’s Day. However, it is still associated with the regional customs in the England. It is celebrated in something different way in the Norfolk by distributing sweets and gifts to the children through a character named Jack Valentine by knocking the doors of everyone.

In the ancient time in Rome it was celebrated (from February 13-15) by the name “Lupercalia”, a festival associated with fertility which was later eliminated by the Pope Gelasius I and started celebrating on 14th of February as a “Purification of Mary” associated with romantic love.

During the celebration of Lupercalia festival, men and women were used of making couples by selecting names from jar which is continued as a modern day custom. Now, it has become a very popular observance worldwide in the recent years. People do not want to compromise this with their hectic schedule; they celebrate it gracefully with a lot of time by proposing and gifting their loved one’s. At this day market are full of Valentine’s Day cards with the images of lovely angel, hearts, love birds, roses, couples and other romantic love indications.

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