Onam Greetings

Onam Greetings For Students And Children

Onam Greetings For Students And Children: Onam is the biggest and the most important festival of the state of Kerala. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the state by people of all communities. According to a popular legend, the festival is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam.

Onam is celebrated in the beginning of the month of Chingam, the first month of Malayalam Calendar (Kollavarsham). This corresponds with the month of August-September according to Gregorian Calendar.

Carnival of Onam lasts from four to ten days. First day, Atham and tenth day, Thiruonam are most important of all. Popularity and presentation of rich culture of the state during the carnival made Onam the National Festival of Kerala in 1961. Elaborate feasts, folk songs, elegant dances, energetic games, elephants, boats and flowers all are a part of the dynamic festival called Onam.

Significance of Onam Festival:

Onam, which is spread over a period of ten days, is celebrated in the month of Chingam, corresponding to August-September of the Gregorian calendar. The time, which comes directly after the dark and rain-drenched month of Karkidakam (July-August), is in itself a major factor. It signifies the beginning of the harvesting season, which is always a happy time for the farmers. Indeed, the festival is a reminiscence of the state’s agrarian past and its vibrant culture.

Free Onam Greetings For Everyone

Onam Greetings For Students And Children

Onam—the state festival of Kerala—is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The festive season of Onam, which falls on the Malayalam month of Chingam, every year (between August and September), is a ten-day carnival for the Malayalees all over the state, country and abroad. Being a harvest festival, it is time to thank God for the bountiful yield. According to the stories in Hindu epics, Mahabali, the legendary King of Kerala, visits the state every year during the Onam festival, to ensure the wellbeing of the people. He is welcomed to his kingdom with reverence. The festival is all about relishing on the grand Onasadya (traditional feast of Onam), shopping, family reunion and welcoming King Mahabali by spreading good cheer.

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